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Two seats sofa TAMI

The Tami seating system by Patrick Norguet has a basic structure made from two special 6060 aluminum alloy profiles and details in AISI316 stainless steel. The special profiles were designed to allow the support surface slats to be fitted using an interlocking system. The slats are made from WPC Bamboo, a composite of recycled bamboo wood and fibers; an eco-friendly material that is resistant to water, atmospheric agents and bacteria, easy to clean and 100% recyclable. You can opt for a free standing table which will be charged additionally. You can also opt for a decorative cushion which will be charged additionally as well.


Frame colors and other characteristics:

Armrest and backrest frame dimensions and colors:


Seat cushion, backrest cushion, and armrest cushion colors:

Free standing table dimensions and colors:

Decorative cushion colors:

  • Material
    aluminium + WPC
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